A Monopropellant Aerospike-Powered Rocket

About Bombardier

Bombardier is a monopropellant rocket that will use high-proof hydrogen peroxide in an aerospike engine. We are designing this rocket to be the very first liquid propellant aerospike engine to be flown, and recovered, by an undergraduate team. The hydrogen peroxide will react with a catalyst material inside of a reactor chamber. This reaction generates an enormous amount of heat which then vaporizes the hydrogen peroxide instantly, creating a steam powered rocket.

Hydrogen peroxide (HTP) has the molecular compound H2O2. The reaction that takes place splits off an oxygen atom from this compound. We plan to further develop our reactor technology to become the heart of a bipropellant aerospike rocket system. The oxygen that splits off in the reaction will be used as the oxidizer for the bipropellant rocket.

Fig. 1: Prototype Reactor and Nozzle



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